Caesar Salad Maui style! Sarento’s on the beach!

This place has the best service around but they are pricey!  Great food though including the Caesar Salad.  Not the best in the world still but very good.

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The Sage Room at Harvey’s in South Lake Tahoe – tableside Caesar Salad was very good

Went to The Sage Room the other night with my family and had their table-side Caesar Salad. I thought it was very good but not great.


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Perry’s on Union St. in San Francisco – very good Caesar Salad

I stopped in for quick Caesar Salad during lunch yesterday and was very happy with the salad. Very old-school and plenty of dressing served with great breadsticks.  I would have this again for sure.

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Kelley Brothers Brewing Company, Green Goddess Salad – close cousin to Caesar for sure!

I have been spending more time in Central CA lately because of a friend who moved there…sorry but not by choice!  In any case I try and make the best of things so we tried the local brewing company the other day.  I was going for the Caesar Salad when I noticed the Green Goddess salad on the menu and it looked great…so I ordered and half of that salad and a half Caesar.  Both are Anchovy based which is why they are similar.



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A bit off topic but in-line with my foodie passions and why I started this blog…read on…

I just finished reading a great book called “The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry” and I cried at the end and had to share why to see if it touches any of you the way it touched me.  I don’t want to ruin the book for any of you so I’ll be brief and untelling as possible.


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Tahoe Joe’s very good Caesar salad…in all places Modesto CA

Went to dinner at Tahoe Joe’s in Modesto the other night.  It was my first time there and I thought their Caesar Salad was very good!  I had never been to or even heard of this place before but I guess there are a few around Northern CA.


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Bourbon Street Bistro in Silvercreek area of San Jose terrible Caesar Salad

This place opened not too long ago so my friend and I finally tried it the night before last.  The Caesar Salad was terrible.  It was dry and tasted even worse than if I had made it from one of the bagged kits in the grocery store. I couldn’t find a website to add as usual so I’ll include the address.

5635 Silver Creek Valley Road
San Jose, CA 95138


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Morels French Steakhouse & Bistro in Las Vegas Caesar Salad was “good”

I just got back from Vegas and wanted to log my Caesar Salad tasting while there.  I went to Morels with my friend because we love table-side Caesar Salads and they had one on the menu.


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Heading to Vegas on the 13th…BOA for Caesar Salad for sure…I hope it’s still the best!

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Hyatt Santa Clara lobby, the Caesar wasn’t bad for a hotel lobby

I went with a friend to an event around 7pm last night so we decided to get a bite to eat in the lobby as all the restaurants in the hotel were already closed.  I got the Caesar Salad (of course) and it wasn’t bad…not great…but not bad, especially for a hotel lobby.


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